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Jennifer Tsui
Jennifer Tsui
Visiting Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine
1450 Biggy Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
I am a health services researcher and cancer population scientist. My research focuses on disparities in cancer care delivery and cancer outcomes, particularly among racial/ethnic minority and low-income populations. I currently lead a five year study funded by the American Cancer Society to investigate health care organizational and delivery factors that impact care transitions among breast and colorectal cancer patients with Medicaid coverage. My other areas of research focus on HPV vaccination and barriers to uptake in low-income minority communities as well as disparities in cancer screening in racial/ethnic minority populations at the local, state, and national levels.My work utilizes cancer registry information, population-based surveys, geographic/spatial data, and administrative health care data to understand multilevel influences on patterns of care and care quality for cancer patients.

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