Jinseok Park

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

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I have investigated cancer development from the perspective of cancer cell biology and mechanobiology. Cancer cells actively modify tumor microenvironment (TME) for tumor progression. Extracellular matrix (ECM), a major component of TME supporting embedded cells physically in the tissue, undergoes re-organization by cancer cells. The reorganized ECM reciprocally regulates cancer-related phenotypes such as invasive migration facilitating tumor progression. This suggests that the elucidation of cancer cell-ECM interaction can provide important cues to understanding cancer promoting mechanism and thus improving cancer treatment. Therefore, as leveraging in vitro ECM models wish nanofabricated surfaces or 3D model, our lab aims to address how cancer cell-ECM interaction stimulates cancer-promoting phenotypes such as invasive cell migration and heterogeneous cell-cell interaction synergically with oncogenic alteration.


  • The Saban Research Institute: Research Career Development Award, 2022-2023


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