John Peter Gruen, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery (Part-Time)

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Dr. John Peter Gruen, a highly esteemed Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC), stands at the forefront of neurosurgery with a particular focus on neurotrauma. He brings a remarkable blend of experience, skill, and dedication to his role, reflected in his substantial contributions to both clinical practice and academic medicine.

Dr. Gruen’s academic journey is marked by an impressive educational background, holding degrees from Yale College (BA in History), Columbia University (MD in Medicine), and having completed extensive research and fellowships in neuroscience and nerve surgery at prestigious institutions including the University of Southern California and Gunzberg Hospital in Germany.

In his illustrious career, Dr. Gruen has held several key positions, including Associate Medical Director of Critical Care at the Los Angeles General Medical Center (LAGMC), Medical Director of Utilization Review at LAGMC, and Associate Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Keck USC School of Medicine. His expertise in neurosurgical care, especially in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI), is widely recognized.

Dr. Gruen’s dedication to community health is evident in his establishment of the LAC+USC Brain Injury Clinic, which addresses the long-term sequelae of TBI and expanded to include care for COVID-19 long-haul patients. His commitment to educating and supporting those suffering from chronic conditions underlines his holistic approach to patient care.

As a clinician, educator, and researcher, Dr. Gruen has made significant contributions to the field, including involvement in interventional clinical trials for TBI and publishing in renowned journals. His work in underserved hospitals highlights his dedication to improving outcomes in challenging healthcare environments.

Dr. Gruen’s unwavering commitment to neurosurgical innovation and patient-centered care makes him an invaluable asset to the USC Neurosurgery team.


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