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Joshua Gary

Joshua Gary

Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery (Clinical Scholar)
Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery Trauma Service
Orthopaedic Surgery
1520 San Pablo St. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


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Dr. Joshua Gary's philosophy of care is to deliver individualized, evidence-based care to each of his patients in the same way he would want his own family member to be treated. Dr. Gary's specialization into orthopaedic trauma surgery and the treatment of thousands of fractures and dislocations in the pelvis, upper and lower extremities has provided a wealth of experience. He strives to continually improve and refine his treatments based upon those experiences, the best published evidence, and new technologies. Sharing his knowledge and various treatment options with the patient, from nonoperative to invasive surgery, allows for joint decision-making as the patient is part of the “team” with their surgeon. Walking alongside patients through their recovery and doing everything possible to return them to the highest functional level is a priviledge he does not take lightly and nothing gives him greater joy than watching a patient return to their former life after injury.
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