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Keith Killu

Keith Killu

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Clinician Educator)
2020 Zonal Ave. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2022

Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2019

Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2017

Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2016

Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2014

Society of Critical Care Medicine : Presidential Citation, 2012

Mount Sinai Hospital: Dr. Thomas Iberti Research Award, 2005

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As a physician-educator-clinical researcher, Dr. Killu feels a strong commitment to extending what he has learned over the years in the field of critical care. This commitment extends to advancing science and helping benefit patients in local, national, and international populations. His professional career path at the University of Southern California (USC) at Keck School of Medicine (KSOM) is focused on patient care, education of the new generations of students, residents, and fellows in the art of critical care medicine.

Currently, Dr. Killu serves as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Ultrasound Education in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at USC, KSOM. He has been at USC since 2019. Dr. Killu’s research interests include sepsis, hemodynamics and bedside ultrasound, as well as developing educational programs. Having created many ultrasound education programs, Dr. Killu was an integral part of developing the Henry Ford Ultrasound University, Detroit, MI. As a peer-reviewed, published author, one of Dr. Killu’s biggest contributions is the “ICU Ultrasound Pocket Book” a resource for beginners and advanced learners distributed across the world that has been translated to multiple languages.

On a national level, Dr. Killu served as the Chair for the Fundamentals of Critical Care Committee at the Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2016-2018. He now serves as an active fellow at the American College of Critical Care Medicine, the American College of CHEST Physicians, and the American College of Physicians Dr. Killu is passionate about treating the critically ill and those who are the most vulnerable at the most crucial moments of their lives to help provide healing and comfort.
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