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Mary Samplaski

Mary Samplaski

Associate Professor of Clinical Urology
NOR 1441 Eastlake Ave Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

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Dr. Samplaski is a specialist in in Male Reproductive Medicine, Microsurgery and Andrology. She completed her medical school at the George Washington University School of Medicine, urology residency at the Cleveland Clinic, and specialty fellowship at the University of Toronto. Dr. Samplaski is an expert in all aspects of male reproductive health, including fertility preservation counseling and treatment, vasectomies and vasectomy reversals, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and testicular pain. She specializes in the management of male infertility with the aim of improving natural conception or improved outcomes from assisted reproduction. She also specializes in fertility for spinal cord injury patients. Surgical techniques that she is skilled in for the treatment of these conditions include the minimally invasive vasectomy and microsurgical vasectomy reversals, advanced sperm retrieval techniques, microscopic varicocele repair, penile vibratory stimulation, electroejaculation and spermatic cord denervations. For erectile dysfunction she also specializes in correction of penile curvature and penile prostheses for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Samplaski has a strong record demonstrating a commitment to educational excellence and advancing the field of male fertility. She consistently presents at major national and international meetings and is a reviewer for several scientific journals. At present, the cause of 60% of male factor infertility is completely unknown. She believes that this represents a major opportunity for scientific advancement in order to make parenthood possible for everyone desiring it.
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