Keck School Faculty

Nadine Khouzam

Nadine Khouzam

Clinical Assistant Professor Pediatrics (Clinician Educator)
CHLA 4650 W. Sunset Blvd. Off Campus Los Angeles

Nephrolithiasis management and outcomes in pediatric patients with limited mobility J Pediatr Urol. 2022 Aug 28. . View in PubMed

Pathophysiology and treatment of cardiovascular disease in pediatric chronic kidney disease Pediatr Nephrol. 2019 01; 34(1):1-10. . View in PubMed

The role of bone in CKD-mediated mineral and vascular disease Pediatr Nephrol. 2015 Sep; 30(9):1379-88. . View in PubMed

Primary osteoblast-like cells from patients with end-stage kidney disease reflect gene expression, proliferation, and mineralization characteristics ex vivo Kidney Int. 2015 Mar; 87(3):593-601. . View in PubMed

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