Keck School Faculty

Nathanael Heckmann

Nathanael Heckmann

Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery
HC2 - 1520 San Pablo Street, #2000 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Los Angeles Magazine: Southern California Rising Star, 2022

Pasadena Magazine: Top Doctor, 2021

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Nathanael Heckmann, M.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. His clinical focus is on the surgical and non-surgical management of degenerative diseases of the hip and knee, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. His surgical practice focuses on minimally invasive surgery, hip and knee replacement, partial knee replacement, management of infected hip and knee replacements, treatment of failed hip and knee replacements, as well as robotic-assisted and computer-navigated arthroplasty.

Dr. Heckmann's research focuses on clinical outcomes following hip and knee arthroplasty with a particular interest in understanding the interrelationship between degenerative diseases of the spine and hip. His research is also focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of infections following hip and knee replacement surgery. He has published more than 100 research papers, book chapters, and scholarly reviews.
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