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Robert Alan Kloner

Robert Alan Kloner

Professor of Medicine (Clinical Scholar)
IRD 620 Off Campus Los Angeles

Consumer's Research Council of America: Listed in Guide to America's Top Cardiologists, 2007

Good Samaritan Hospital : Physician Leadership Award, 2003

Institute for Scientific Information: Identified as one of the world's most highly cited authors, 2002

American Heart Association: Inaugural Fellow of the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences, 2001

United States Israel Binational Science Foundation: The Henry N. Neufeld Memorial Award, 1996

NIH: Cardiovascular Study Section A, 1995-1998

American Heart Association : Continuing Service Award, 1991

American Society for Clinical Investigation: Elected Member, 1990

82nd Annual Scientific Assembly of the Southern Medical Association: Scientific Exhibit Achievement Award, 1988

American College of Physicians: Research Prize, 1988

American Heart Association: Recipient of the Established Investigatorship Award, 1981-1986

American Society of Clinical Pathologists: Sheard-Sanford Award for Meritorius Original Student Research in Pathology During Medical School, 1976

Merck: Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Medicine, 1975

Alpha Omega Alpha: Member, 1973

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