Robert Rick Selby, MD

Professor of Surgery

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Dr. Selby is a Professor of Surgery at the USC School of Medicine, as well as Director of the Liver Transplantation Program and Chief of the Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery. Dr. Selby graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri School of Medicine at Columbia, Missouri. Before joining USC, Dr. Selby served on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh where he trained in multi-organ transplantations and hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery. He remained at University of Pittsburgh where he was also Director of the Multiorgan Transplantation Fellowship, Dr. Selby has trained more than 45 transplant surgeons who currently participate in transplant programs throughout the world. Dr. Selby is board certified in general surgery and general surgical critical care. His research interests include transfusion free surgery, surgery for neuroendocrine tumors, primary and metastatic liver tumors, peri-ampullary cancers, pancreatic cancers, bile duct injuries, and cholangiocarcinoma.


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