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Ronan Hallowell

Ronan Hallowell

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Education
Medical Education
1975 Zonal Avenue Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

American Medical Education: Health Systems Science Scholar, 2019-2020

American Medical Association: Health Systems Science Scholar, 2019-2020

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Ronan Hallowell is a Co-PI for the American Medical Association Accelerating Change in Medical Education grant “Health Justice and Systems of Care” that is piloting a new curriculum in the spring of 2021 that will be launched as part of Keck’s comprehensive curriculum renewal initiative starting in August 2021 where all new medical students will learn about health justice and health systems science. Dr. Hallowell is Associate Director for Mindfulness in Clinical Education at the USC Center for Mindfulness Science and a Faculty Affiliate at the Gehr Family Center for Health Systems Science and Innovation. He is a founding faculty member of the MS in Narrative Medicine program where he teaches qualitative research methods. Dr. Hallowell is a social and learning scientist with expertise in health justice and cross-cultural perspectives on medicine and healing.
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