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Soo Borson

Soo Borson

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine (Part-Time)
Family Medicine
1000 S. Fremont Ave. Off Campus Alhambra


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Dr. Soo Borson is a Professor (part-time) of Clinical Family Medicine at the University of Southern California and Professor Emerita at the University of Washington, where she developed its memory disorders clinic and led the ADRC's diversity recruitment efforts. Her work focuses on strategies for improving dementia detection and care delivery, caregiver self-efficacy, and the use of health system data to improve dementia care planning. She co-leads the CDC-funded BOLD Center on Early Detection of Dementia at New York University Langone and the Southern California Dementia Care Improvement Network. At USC, she works closely with Dr. Laura Mosqueda and other faculty on dementia initiatives, grant writing, and mentorship. Her work is guided by the continuing need to translate specialized knowledge of dementia detection, diagnosis, and care into practical, clinically meaningful, and effective tools to improve systems of care. She consults widely with health care organizations working to become ‘dementia capable,’ and seeks to integrate clinical, community, and public health perspectives into a unified framework for a more dementia-friendly society.
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