Takashi Harano

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

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Dr. Harano is a thoracic surgeon with a focus on lung transplantation. He served general surgery residencies at Saga Prefectural Hospital in Saga, Japan and Toranomon Hospital in Tokyo. He then stayed on at Toranomon Hospital to undertake a fellowship in Thoracic Surgery with an emphasis on minimally invasive surgery and stayed on as an attending physician.

Dr. Harano took on another Thoracic Surgery fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Harvard Medical School and then spent three years as a faculty member in the Division of Lung Transplant and Lung Failure at the University of Pittsburgh before coming to Keck Medicine of USC.

Dr. Harano is committed to a patient-centered model of care, and undertook his training in minimally invasive surgery because it offers patients reduced pain and faster recoveries. Dr. Harano believes in staying current with the latest technology in order to continually improve patient care.


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