Keck School Faculty

Thin Thin Maw

Thin Thin Maw

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Clinician Educator)
Medical Director of Live Donor Kidney Transplant
Medical Director of Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation
IRD 807 2020 Zonal Ave Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


University Hospital of Brooklyn: Honorable Mention, Intern of the Year 2008-2009, 2009

Myanmar American Medical Education Society: Award of Excellence in Education, 2007

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Medicine, 2000

University of Medicine 1, Yangon : Honor in Physiology, 1999

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Microbiology, 1999

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Biochemistry, 1996

Yunnan Chinese Association in Burma Honor in English at University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Award of academic excellence in Senior High School Certificate Examination, 1994

Senior High School Certificate Examination: State Scholarship Award, 1994

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