Keck School Faculty

Thin Thin Maw, MBBS
Thin Thin Maw, MBBS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine;Medical Director of Live Donor Kidney Transplant
IRD 807 2020 Zonal Ave Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

University Hospital of Brooklyn: Honorable Mention, Intern of the Year 2008-2009, 2009

Myanmar American Medical Education Society: Award of Excellence in Education, 2007

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Medicine , 2000

University of Medicine 1, Yangon : Honor in Physiology , 1999

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Microbiology , 1999

University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Honor in Biochemistry , 1996

Yunnan Chinese Association in Burma Honor in English at University of Medicine 1, Yangon: Award of academic excellence in Senior High School Certificate Examination, 1994

Senior High School Certificate Examination: State Scholarship Award, 1994

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