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Todd Chang
Todd Chang
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Medical Education (Educational Scholar)
CHL 4650 Sunset Blvd Off Campus Los Angeles
Research Career Interest: Educational Technology within the healthcare arena, which includes e-learning / multimedia, simulation, virtual reality, and other technologically augmented methods of teaching. Some clinical research including Emergency Department efficiency, pre-hospital care, and trauma care.\n\nI currently sit on the executive board / steering committee of the INSPIRE Network (, an international pediatric simulation research network, as well as the PEMCRC (, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Clinical Research Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics. \n\n

FaceBook / Oculus : VR for Good, 2016-2017

American Heart Association: Western States Grant-in-Aid, 2015-2017

National Board of Medical Examiners: Stemmler Fund, 2015-2017

RBaby Foundation: RBaby Foundation Grant, 2013-2014

University of Southern California: SC CTSI Research Pilot Grant, 2013-2014

University of Southern California: USC Zumberge Individual Research Award, 2012-2013

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