Todd William Schneberk

Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

Director of the Gehr Student Innovator's Program

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Todd Schneberk is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, Faculty Co-Director of the USC Keck Human Rights Collaborative and Director of the Gehr Center Student Innovators Program. He completed his residency in emergency medicine at LAC+USC Medical Center and his fellowship in health policy and research at UCLA. He is the EM residency Social Emergency Medicine Coordinator and is passionate about incorporating social justice and human rights in emergency care. His research has demonstrated gaps in the care of Opioid use and disorder patients and the need for incorporation of harm reduction practices in the Emergency Department. He has worked extensively with displaced persons in Tijuana, Mexico since 2015, performed forensic evals for asylum cases with Physicians for Human Rights on both sides of the border including numerous Migrant Protection Protocols (Remain in Mexico) clients in Tijuana, and testified in front of Congress regarding the health effects of the Migrant Protection Protocols. His current research and advocacy projects span immigration and border health policy, hospital-based violence intervention programming, carceral health, opioid use disorder and medication assisted treatment access.


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