Tze-Woei Tan

Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Director of Limb Salvage Research Program

Image of Tze-Woei Tan
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Dr. Tan is double board certified in Vascular Surgery and General Surgery. He received his medical degree from the University of Melbourne Medical School in Australia. He took on a second General Surgery Residency at Brown University and then went on to a fellowship in Vascular Surgery at the Boston University School of Medicine. Before joining the team at Keck Medicine of USC, Dr. Tan served as an Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery at Louisiana State University and then as an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Tan is an avid researcher. His interest in health disparities led him to complete a Master’s in Public Health while at the University of Arizona. He is leading a NIH-supported research program exploring how to reduce limb loss/amputation in peripheral artery disease and diabetes.

Dr. Tan believes in combining a personal approach to health care with the latest evidence-based technology. He has extensive clinical experience in minimally-invasive procedures and open surgery to treat peripheral artery disease and carotid artery disease, as well as an interest in complex hemodialysis and vascular access.


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