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Vivian Mo, MD
Vivian Mo, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Clinician Educator)
HCC 322 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Vivian Mo is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and specializes in cardiology and echocardiography. She completed her internship and residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiology at the University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Currently she is the Chief Medical Officer of USC Care Medical Group, Director of the Women's Cardiovascular Center of USC and is an active medical educator by serving as Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine to the cardiovascular medicine fellowship program. While at USC, Dr. Mo has continued her research in the fields of preventive cardiology, echocardiography and cardiovascular disease in women. She currently serves as a co-investigator on a study which addresses carotid plaque composition by MRI while on statin therapy. She is also a site principal investigator for the VIRGO study which examines why outcomes of women differ from those of men in acute myocardial infarctions. Dr. Mo is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and American Society of Echocardiography, and a member of the American Heart Association.

: Ooops. Something went wrong., 2007

: Charles S. Houston Award, 2007

University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center: Ooops. Something went wrong., 2003

University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center: Nomination for Outstanding Clinical Medicine Resident, 2003

Psi Chi Honor Society: Excellence in Psychology, 1996

Houston International Fund: Scholarship, 1996

Houston International Fund: Ooops. Something went wrong., 1996

Psi Chi Honor Society: Ooops. Something went wrong., 1996

: LEXIA Scholarship, 1995

: Ooops. Something went wrong., 1995

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