Ya-Chen Liang, PhD

Assistant Professor Of Research Pathology

Image of Ya-Chen Liang, PhD
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Dr. Liang’s long-term research goal seeks to decompose how genomes and sub-nuclear structures are functionally organized in cell nuclei while maintaining their flexibility to respond to biological cues during development and disease pathogenesis. She focuses on studying spatial regulations of gene clusters, which are widespread in genomes, but little is known about their inter-cluster and subnuclear organizations. Her research integrates state-of-the-art functional genomic, computational, and proteomic approaches to address long-standing questions at the intersection of topological chromatin states and spatial subnuclear protein scaffolds.

*Dr. Liang’s lab is actively recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Please email your C.V. to ya-chen.liang@med.usc.edu.


  • Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan: Overseas Postdoctoral Program for Frontier Technologies, 2014-2016


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