Curriculum Overview

Each student must complete a minimum of 60 units of formal courses, seminars, and research units while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0. The core required courses include 16 units from courses in Human Gross Anatomy (IAS 501a, IAS 501b), Microscopic Anatomy (IAS 511a, IAS 511b), and Neuroanatomy (IAS 521). An additional 8 units of electives must be taken from courses offered by the department. Relevant courses in other departments and schools can also be selected, but all course work must be approved by the student’s dissertation committee. Following completion of the required course work, students must be continuously enrolled in IAS 794 (Doctoral Dissertation) each Fall and Spring semester until the PhD degree is conferred.


Core Courses (16 units, required)
  • IAS 501a Human Gross Anatomy
  • IAS 501b Human Gross Anatomy
  • IAS 511a Microscopic Anatomy I
  • IAS 511b Microscopic Anatomy II
  • IAS 521 Neuroanatomy

Electives (8 units)
  • IAS 502 Advanced Regional Anatomy I
  • IAS 503 Advanced Regional Anatomy II
  • IAS 504 Human Skeletal Anatomy
  • IAS 550 Integrative Anatomical Sciences Seminar
  • IAS 572 Medical Physiology – I
  • IAS 573 Medical Physiology – II
  • IAS 580 Teaching in Anatomical Sciences
  • IAS 581 Teaching in Anatomical Sciences: Practicum