Breast and Body Fellowship

Fellows receive comprehensive and supervised training in both Breast and Body imaging. The year is divided into monthly rotations, with 6 months of body imaging and 6 months of breast imaging. Of the 6 months of body imaging, 3 are spent rotating through body MRI, 2 through ultrasound and interventional procedures, and 1 through the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and breast procedures are covered in the 6 months of breast imaging.

Body MRI:

The workload includes, but is not limited to, hepatobiliary, genitourinary, oncologic, and gynecologic imaging. More specialized examinations are also performed, including dynamic pelvic imaging, prostate MRI, and cardiac imaging. There are currently five 1.5T and four 3T magnets on campus.


The ultrasound workload consists of general abdominal, genitourinary, oncologic, and transplant imaging. Interventional procedures include CT- and US-guided biopsies and drainages of both deep and superficial structures, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, and intra-operative ultrasound.


See Breast Imaging Fellowship website for details.

Call Requirements:

The Body Imaging/Intervention Fellowship and the Breast/Body Imaging Fellowship have a call requirement that averages out to one weekend on call out of every four weekends.

How To Apply

Thank you for your interest in the USC Body and Breast Fellowship.

We will start accepting applications for 2023-2024 Fellowship on August 1st, and plan to conduct virtual interviews beginning in November.

Those wishing to apply should complete the following:

A California Medical License is required prior to fellowship start. Applications for licensure should be made to the CA Medical Board by November in the year to your fellowship appointment. This is a time-consuming process and a prompt application is encouraged. For more information please contact:

Medical Board of California
1426 Howe Avenue
Suite #54
Sacramento, CA 95825

Phone: (916) 263-2382

A California Radiology Supervisor and Operator Certificate (fluoroscopy license) is also required prior to fellowship start. Obtaining this certificate involves fee payment as well as a written exam. Applications for licensure should be made to the California Department of Public Health- Radiologic Health Branch (CDPH-RHB), in November of the year prior to your appointment.

All application materials or questions should be emailed to the attention of the fellowship coordinator with all Program Directors included:

Gabriel Ramos
Fellowship Coordinator
Sandy Lee, M.D.
Program Director
Michelle Hopstone, M.D.
Program Director
Ali Rastegarpour, M.D.
Associate Program Director


Department of Radiology, Los Angeles General Medical Center
1983 Marengo Street, D&T 3D321
Los Angeles, California 90033
Phone: (323) 409-7242