Alberto F. Vallejo, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator)

Director of Didactic Education, Primary Care Physician Program

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Alberto F. Vallejo, PhD, is an Assistant Professor Clinical of Family Medicine in the Division of Physician Assistant Studies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in cell molecular biology with a minor in chemistry from Humboldt State University (1998), a Master of Science degree in kinesiology from California State University, Northridge (2001), a Ph.D. in biokinesiology from the Division of Physical Therapy of Biokinesiology at USC (2005) and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the Department of Medicine at Keck School of Medicine of USC (2005-2007). Dr. Vallejo has more than 10 years of experience teaching at the university level, which includes six years of teaching Dornslife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences in the human biology track at USC. Clinically, Dr. Vallejo has over 15 years of experience working in various fields such as spinal cord injury, cardiology, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, obesity, aging—all of which were spend in areas serving the needs of a diverse and underserved population. In 2005, he joined the Keck School of Medicine as an instructor of research focused on: metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia and the effects of exercise on these disorders. Overall, his academic experience includes teaching at both the college and professional school levels, bench-side laboratory research and clinical investigations involving human subjects.


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