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Amy Lee, PhD, Honored For Contributions to Biomedical Science

The Indiana University School of Medicine has recognized Amy Lee, PhD, professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine and Judy and Larry Freeman Chair in Basic Science Cancer Research,

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Innovators of USC: Doctors have an eye on GIBLIB, the ‘Netflix of medical education’

Imagine a surgeon being able to watch multiple surgical procedures in 360 virtual reality in order to determine the best way to operate on their current patient. In

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Scientists find a link between diabetes and risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Patients on medication for type 2 diabetes may be keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. USC Dornsife psychologists have found that those patients with untreated diabetes developed signs of

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USC medical leaders promote social justice as key step toward healing society’s ills

Doctors treat disease, fix broken bones and offer advice on exercise and diet, but USC Professor Ricky Bluthenthal thinks they can and should do more. Overcrowded housing, food

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USC-Caltech MD-PhD Retreat

On Feb. 8–10, 2019, the USC-Caltech MD-PhD program held a retreat at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Catalina Island. The retreat, the first since 2004,

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