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Study connects secondhand smoke to liver disease

Breathing secondhand smoke is terrible for you. We’ve known that for decades. But the impacts of such cigarette smoke on the liver is the subject of a new

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Keck School’s Ophthalmology, Physiology/Neuroscience departments top NIH funding list

Seven departments at Keck School of Medicine USC are in the top 10 nationally in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, according to the rankings of

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Keck School’s Street Med program featured in Sunday LAT

More positive media coverage of the USC Street Med program, this time in The Sunday Los Angeles Times. The story takes the reader into the weekday routine of

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Paul Aisen

USC’s new Alzheimer’s study featured in TV report

If it’s confirmed that a drug can remove memory-stealing plaques from the brain before the damage from Alzheimer’s disease is already done, “we may really change the course

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Vapers Show Cancer-Associated Biological Changes Similar to Smokers

Biologically important changes in DNA seen in smokers are also being found in people who vape, according to a new study published in the journal Epigenetics. A team

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