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Patients with early kidney cancer see significant benefits with robotic partial nephrectomy

A new study from the Keck School of Medicine of USC finds that robotic partial nephrectomy decreases complications, mortality and other important patient outcomes as compared with open or laparoscopic techniques.

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Michael Habib, PhD, serves as expert witness

Michael Habib, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Integrative Anatomical Sciences, served as an expert witness for the prosecution on the trial of Blake Leib

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A Fox code for the face

In the developing face, how do stem cells know whether to become cartilage, bones or teeth? To begin to answer this question, scientists from the USC Stem Cell laboratory of Gage Crump tested the role of a key family of genes, called “Forkhead-domain transcription factors,” or Fox. Their findings appear in the journal Development.

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reza omid checking out arm of his patient

Epstein family gift enhances sports medicine research and care at USC

USC’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery will advance their pioneering work on treatments and techniques to prevent and heal sports-related injuries thanks to a new $10 million gift from the Epstein Family Foundation

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Setiawan Study Keck School of Medicine USC

A diabetes diagnosis later in life may signal early pancreatic cancer in African Americans and Latinos

Each year, more than one million Americans are diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes mellitus, also known as type 2 diabetes. The new diagnosis comes with a long list of

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