Corinne Feldman, MMS, PA-C

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator)

Workforce Development Director for Street Medicine

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Corinne T. Feldman, MMS, PA-C is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine in the USC Primary Care Physician Assistant Program. A graduate of Midwestern University (Downers Grove, ’05), she has practiced medicine in the areas of trauma, HIV and geriatrics. Her passion is providing quality primary care for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness, which has been the cornerstone of her career since 2007. She has contributed to the development of shelter and street-based care in the Lehigh Valley (PA) and Los Angeles and currently sees patients experiencing unsheltered homelessness with KSOM of USC Street Medicine.

In the PA program, she has worked to develop curriculum around health equity and social justice and is the PI for a $1.5M HRSA grant called the USE PeaCE (Underserved Equity-Based Primary Care) Project. USE PeaCE Project seeks to expand the teaching of health equity in the classroom and develop street-based learning opportunities for students including Street Medicine rotations. She is the Director of the Street Medicine rotation for the Keck Family Medicine Residency. She also leads the development and implementation of academic street medicine curriculum for learners and street medicine teams through her Workforce Development efforts with KSOM of USC Street Medicine.

Nationally and internationally, she serves as an advisor to the International Street Medicine Institute Student Coalition and is contributing to the development of an International Street Medicine Institute Educator Coalition. Her publication history includes the development of adapted clinical practice guidelines for the care of unsheltered homeless, an intake tool for taking a history on a person experiencing unsheltered homelessness as well as how street medicine integrates into higher medical education.


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