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Darryl D Mayo

Darryl D Mayo

Clinical Assistant Profesor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator)
Family Medicine
HSA Unit 7 A11 151 1000 S. Fremont Avenue Health Sciences Campus Alhambra

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Darryl Mayo, MPAS, PA currently serves as a Clinical Coordinator and Instructor for the Primary Care Physician Assistant Program at USC. Prior to this faculty appointment, he practiced primary care medicine at the USC University Park Student Health Center. During a portion of his 22 years of service, he served as mentor to shadowing first and second year PA Students during their clinical rotations. He served on the women and men's health team addressing health needs specific to them. He also provided lectures on various health topics to campus fraternities and sororities, and served on the Health and Safety and Formulary Committees for more than ten years. Mr. Mayo served for over 20 years as an advisory board member for Somerville Place - a special interest forum designed to lend academic, emotional, and health care support for transitioning African-American USC Freshman students. He is very active in the ministry of his local church and has a passion for playing sports, particularly tennis and basketball.
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