David Tran, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Neurology

Division Chief, Neuro-Oncology (Neurological Surgery) and Co-Director of the USC Brain Tumor Center (BTC)

Image of David Tran, MD, PhD
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Dr Tran received his MD and PhD degrees from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in 2005 and completed his postgraduate training in Oncology and Neuro-Oncology at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis in 2011. He is a leader in Precision Medicine with many seminal publications in cancer research and serves as the principal investigator of several national clinical trials in brain cancer. Research in the Tran laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanism of how cancer develops, progresses, and resists treatment through a vertically integrated approach, starting with clinical observations, guided by systems and computational analyses, followed by experimental validation and translation into novel anti-cancer therapeutics.


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