Fernando Fleischman, MD

Professor of Clinical Surgery

Director of the Aortic Center

Associate Program Director for the Residency Program

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Dr. Fernando Fleischman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Los Angeles, California as a young boy. He grew up in Los Angeles attending UCLA where he graduated with Honors with a degree in History and Biology. There he received various awards including Dean’s list honors for 4 straight years. He then proceeded to medical school in Puerto Rico where he saw first-hand rare ailments not seen in other parts of the world. He had the opportunity of volunteering around the island taking care of patients under very difficult conditions.

He graduated with honors from medical school and took that knowledge to New Jersey. At UMDNJ he furthered his surgical education receiving numerous teaching awards, including the prestigious Golden Apple Teaching Award. His strong leadership and command of patient care led to his appointment as Administrative Chief Resident, an honor given to the resident who demonstrates superior leadership skills.

Dr. Fleischman continued his surgical education in cardiothoracic surgery at USC under the tutelage of Dr. Vaughn A. Starnes joining his practice as Assistant Professor of Clinical Cardiothoracic Surgery, July 2011.

Dr. Fleischman will continue to innovate in endovascular surgery, and beyond. His specific interests cross all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery from valve disease to heart failure treatments.


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