Gloria Bitt-Wai Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology

Service Chief, PROSE Service

Image of Gloria Bitt-Wai Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS
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Gloria B. Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS completed her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley. She remained at the University of California, Berkeley, where she obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2008. Following completion of her residency in Cornea and Contact Lenses at Southern California College of Optometry, Dr. Chiu pursued further fellowship training in Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem (PROSE) treatment at the Boston Foundation for Sight. Dr. Chiu developed and supervises the USC PROSE service and is actively conducting research in the areas of irregular corneas and ocular surface disease.

Investigation of the outcomes and efficacy of PROSE and scleral lens treatment at the USC Roski Eye Institute in Los Angeles is done by conducting retrospective and prospective evaluation of data from patients who received the treatment. This information will be helpful to physicians and clinicians who are in search of additional forms of treatment for intractable ocular surface and corneal abnormalities. Dr. Chiu is also actively conducting microbiology studies to evaluate saline solutions commonly used with scleral lens wear and potential risks for microbial infections.


  • American Optometric Association: Contact Lens and Cornea Section Resident Research Award, 2009
  • Dr. George W. Mertz: Contact Lens Residency Award, 2009
  • Alcon: Excellence Award, 2008
  • Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.: Eschenbach Low Vision Award, 2008
  • GP Lens Institute: Gas Permeable Contact Lens Clinical Excellence Award, 2008
  • The Drs. Stephen R. Chun and Doris Sze Chun Professional Student Support Fund: Professional Student Endowed Scholarship, 2008
  • Walmart: Optical Scholarship, 2008
  • Michael G. Harris Family: Award for Excellence in Optometric Education, 2007
  • UC Berkeley School of Optometry: Student Leadership and Service Award, 2007
  • UC Berkeley School of Optometry: Optometry Leadership and Service Grant, 2006
  • American Optometric Student Association: Vistakon Travel Grant, 2006
  • UC Berkeley School of Optometry: Optometry Performance Grant, 2005
  • UC Berkeley School of Optometry: Early Admittance Scholarship, 2004


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