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Professor of Clinical Medical Education

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Julie G. Nyquist, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Medical Education within the Keck School of Medicine (KSOM) of the University of Southern California. She directs the Master of Academic Medicine (MACM) program (2007-present), Chairs the department’s annual Innovations in Medical Education Conference for (2014-present), and developed a flexible elective to help 4th year medical students transition to residency (2017-present) Dr. Nyquist joined the faculty in 1981, served as program evaluator for the Medical Student curriculum (1981-2014) and co-chaired the school’s Competency-Based Education initiative (2010-2017). Within KSOM she has served on most of the curriculum committees and was a member of the central Education Committee for the school for 20 years (1993-2013). Within the MACM program she is on the teaching team for multiple courses focusing on the four key roles of faculty: teacher, leader, scholar and mentor/coach. Dr. Nyquist has developed and led over 950 workshops and presentations on topics related to leadership, teaching, evaluation, cultural competence, career development, and the 21st Century mindset, to a variety of health care professions’ faculty members. In conjunction with her USC position she was also Director of Medical Education at a regional medical center in Bakersfield, California for 8 years (1993-2001). She has been the author or co-author on 14 federally funded education-related grants. Dr. Nyquist received her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University in 1981.


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