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Julie Gayle Nyquist

Julie Gayle Nyquist

Professor of Clinical Medical Education
Medical Education
KAM 210 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

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Julie G. Nyquist, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Medical Education within the Keck School of Medicine (KSOM) of the University of Southern California. She directs the Master of Academic Medicine (MACM) program and is Chair of the department’s annual Innovations in Medical Education Conference for 2014-present. Dr. Nyquist joined the faculty in 1981, served as program evaluator for the Medical Student curriculum (1981-2014) and is currently co-chair of the school’s Competency-Based Medical Education initiative. Within KSOM she has served on most of the curriculum committees and was a member of the central Education Committee for the school for 20 years (1993-2013). With the MACM program Dr. Nyquist is part of teams that teach professional development, learning principles, curriculum design, evaluation, professionalism, culturally responsive health care, and leadership (of self and others). Dr. Nyquist has developed and delivered over 750 workshops and presentations on topics related to learning principles, teaching, evaluation, ACGME competencies, curriculum development, motivation, scholarship, leadership and team development to a variety of health care professions’ faculty members. In conjunction with her USC position she was also Director of Medical Education at a regional medical center in Bakersfield, California for 8 years (1993-2001). She has been the author or co-author on 14 federally funded education-related grants. Dr. Nyquist received her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University in 1981
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