Keck School Faculty

Junaid Zaman

Junaid Zaman

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine
1520 San Pablo St. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

International Dead Sea Symposium: Best Abstract Award, 2020

European Heart Rhythm Association: Congress Grant, 2019-2020

Circulation: Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology: Silver Reviewer Award, 2019

Heart Rhythm Congress: Young Investigator Finalist - Clinical Science, 2019

Heart Rhythm Society: Bowl Runner Up, 2019

Cardiac Electrophysiology Society, Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions: Young Investigator Final - Basic Science, 2018

European Society of Cardiology: Best Poster Prize, 2017

UK-US Fulbright Commission: British Heart Foundation Fulbright Scholar, 2015-2016

European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society: Best Poster Prize, 2015

British Cardiac Society: Travel Bursary, 2015

American Heart Association: Samuel Levine Young Clinical Investigator Finalist, 2015

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute: Postdoctoral Travel Award, 2015

The Physiological Society: Travel Grant, 2014

Heart Rhythm Society: Seymour Furman Travel Scholarship (1st place), 2012

European Society of Cardiology: Cardiologist of Tomorrow Award, 2012

Pain Relief Foundation: National Medical Student Essay Prize, 2004

Arthritis Research Council: National Essay Prize, 2004

Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford: Teacher of the Year, 2003

University of Oxford: Wronker Prize in Pharmacology (1st place, 2001

Lincoln College, University of Oxford: Scholarship, 2000

University of Oxford: First BM Part II Distinction, 2000

Lincoln College, University of Oxford: Exhibition, 1999

University of Oxford: First BM Part I Distinction, 1999

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