Monika Kakol

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Clinician Educator)

Image of Monika Kakol
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Dr. Monika Kakol specializes in the management of airway disease and airway reconstruction, cancer diagnosis and pleural disease. Additionally, she has expertise in Lung Transplantation with a research focus on post Lung Transplant airway complications. Having served fellowships in Pulmonary and Critical Care, Lung Transplantation and Interventional Pulmonary, she is well versed in the complexities of medical conditions . She strives to provide excellent care by approaching every case in a multidisciplinary fashion with a focus on each patient’s unique needs. This leads to a comprehensive approach to health as Dr. Kakol is firm in her belief that health encompasses both the state of body and mind. Dr. Kakol’s priority is to not only care for the physical body, but also to collaborate with her patients so they feel supported through their care journey.


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