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Patrick M Colletti

Patrick M Colletti

Professor of Radiology
Nuclear Medicine Division Chief
Nuclear Medicine Fellowship Program Director
1510 San Pablo Street Off Campus Los Angeles

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Patrick M Colletti MD FACNM FSNMMI is Professor of Radiology, Medicine, Biokinesiology and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nuclear Medicine Program Director and Division Chief at the University of Southern California. He is board certified in radiology, nuclear radiology, and nuclear medicine. He has worked with MRI for 23 years since he became Chief of MRI at the USC Imaging Science Center. Dr. Colletti has 335 peer review papers with 14699 citations, h-index of 60 and i10-index of 220. His expertise includes imaging science, and he received a MSBME degree in biomedical engineering at USC in 2002. He has extensive editorial experience in the past as Cardiopulmonary Imaging Section Editor for the AJR. Dr Colletti is currently Editor-in-Chief for Clinical Nuclear Medicine currently ranked #6 of 136 radiology journals with an impact factor of 10.782. In 2003, he completed a six-month sabbatical to study MR at Huntington Medical Research Institute. Dr Colletti was funded by the NIH from 2004 - 2008 to study the comparison of cardiac function by MRI with CT coronary calcium scores in 385 elderly volunteers from the South Bay Heart Watch cohort. He has completed NIH funded studies of 3T MRI of carotid artery plaque. Dr Colletti is Past-President of the Los Angeles Radiological Society and Past-President of the LARS Nuclear Medicine Section. He is Past-President of the SNMMI Correlative Imaging Council. He is Past- President of the American College of Nuclear Medicine and represents ACNM on the Board of Directors of the Academy of Radiology Research.
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