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Rema Raman, PhD
Rema Raman, PhD
Professor of Neurology;Director, Biostatistics Core
ATR 9860 Mesa Rim Road Health Sciences Campus San Diego
Rema Raman, PhD, is a tenured Professor of Neurology at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), the Director of Biostatistics of USC’s Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute (ATRI), and the Director of the Biostatistics Unit for the Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium (ACTC). She received her training in biostatistics from the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her statistical research interests are in efficient clinical trial design and monitoring approaches (risk-based monitoring, data visualization), and correlated data analysis topics (impact of missing data, analysis of ordinal data). Dr. Raman has extensive experience as a biostatistician in biomedical research projects, providing biostatistics and data management leadership to the design, coordination, conduct and analyses of clinical trials and large observational studies. She has served or currently serves as the primary statistician for several, multi-center clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease, acute stroke, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injury. She is a regular member of the NIH CNN study section, an ad-hoc member on several others and serves as the Biostatistician on several Data and Safety Monitoring Boards.

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