Rob Travieso

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

Surgical Director, Gender Affirmation Program LAC+USC and Keck

Image of Rob Travieso
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Dr. Travieso received his MD from Duke University School of Medicine, extending his studies for a year to complete a clinical research fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine. He returned to Yale after medical school to complete an integrated residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Dr. Travieso became interested in gender-affirming care early in his medical studies. With that in mind, he designed a specialized surgical training plan that would allow him to offer his patients a full spectrum of expert, compassionate care. Dr. Travieso came to Keck Medicine of USC to undertake a fellowship in microsurgery, then went to Johns Hopkins University for an intensive fellowship in complex gender affirmation surgery. This fellowship included face, chest, and genital procedures, enabling Dr. Travieso to offer his patients continuity of care.

Dr. Travieso is now the Surgical Director of Keck Medicine’s Gender-Affirming Care Program. His multifaceted surgical training allows him to offer a continuity of care for his patients. He believes in working closely with each patient to design a unique, personal plan of care.

Dr. Travieso is a native speaker of both English and Spanish.


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