Frequently Asked Questions


  • This degree qualifies a person to teach human anatomy, histology, and/or neuroanatomy at the college level. Thus, the emphasis of this program is to teach students how to teach. Moreover, since the MS core coursework is equivalent to that for medical students at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, it is excellent preparation for those individuals who plan to attend any health degree program, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, or physician assistant

  • Yes, four students are assigned to one donor. Students undertake a full-body dissection. Examinations include written and practical examinations.

  • Most faculty teach in both degree programs. Many of them are award-winning instructors, and are among the best teachers at the Keck School.

  • The summer gross anatomy course is taught only to the Master’s degree students. The microanatomy and neuroanatomy courses are taught alongside the medical students. Other courses will be taught only to Master’s students.

  • No thesis is required for this Master’s degree since all requirements can be met through coursework. Doing research is an option but not a requirement.

  • No, there is no year-end comprehensive examination for this program.

  • The deadline for full consideration is February 1, although applications may be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter.

  • The program is twelve months long from June to May of the following year.

  • A minimum of three letters are required. At least two letters should be from science faculty who know you well and can comment on your likelihood for success in this program. One letter can be from a non-science, non-research person who knows you well.

  • No, there is no requirement for GRE or MCAT test results.

  • For current information on USC tuition and fees, please see