Med students in their white coat

The USC-Caltech MD-PhD program provides participants opportunities to experience three diverse, educational environments: the Keck School of Medicine of USC (Health Sciences Campus), Caltech (Pasadena Campus) and the USC University Park Campus (UPC). The campuses are located in different areas of the Los Angeles basin, and each has its own unique ambience. MD-PhD students are encouraged to take advantage of campus life, and explore what each environment as to offer.

In addition to campus activities, Los Angeles and Southern California provide a plethora of cultural opportunities; art, music, sports, etc. MD-PhD students can enjoy all that Southern California has to offer. A common phrase that is heard about Los Angeles is that one can be skiing in the mountains in the morning and surfing at the beach in the afternoon! Scheduled events will be listed on the Event Webpage, and more information can be found at: