Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available from several sources including traineeships, Federal Direct loans, and private financing programs. Detailed instructions about the financial aid process can be found on the USC financial aid website and from the Program of Nurse Anesthesia.

USC Financial Aid Office: KAM B-28
USC Financial Aid Phone: (323) 442-1016
USC Financial Aid: USC Financial Aid Website
USC Catalogue: USC Catalogue Fall 2023

Tuition cost increases annually. The Fall 2023 cost per unit is $2244.00.

Cost Description Estimated Cost**
Program Enrollment Security Deposit $1000 (applied to first semester tuition)
Textbooks $1500-$2000 (estimated)
AHA ACLS, BLS, & PALS Certification Course $350 (approximate cost paid to vendor)
AANA Associate Member $300 (one time at matriculation)
NBCRNA Examinations

Self-Evaluation Exam (SEE)

National Certification Exam (NCE)


$280 (per exam; taken at least twice)

$1100 (per exam; following graduation)

Board Certification Review Programs

APEX Anesthesia Review

Prodigy Connect


$549-$599 (3-4 year subscription)

$350 (4 year subscription)

Medatrax Evaluation and Case Report System $200
Additional University Fees*

Student Health Center (Fall 2023)

Orientation Fee

FIT Testing

Disability Insurance

Norman H. Topping Student Aid Fund

Library (Capstone filing)

HSC Parking (USC Parking)

Student Programming


$600 (per semester)




$11 (per semester)


$531 (per semester)

$40 (per semester)

*Students will have individual student loan and health insurance costs

**Costs are estimations only and may increase annually