Financial Aid

Financial Aid at USC

Nearly all graduate students receive financial assistance in the form of federal subsidized grants. The University of Southern California and the Keck School of Medicine are committed to assisting students through the financial aid process. Financial assistance is available from several sources including traineeships, federal financial aid and private financing programs. Detailed instructions about the financial aid process can be found in the USC Application for Graduate Study and from the Program of Nurse Anesthesia.

Federal loans are available; review on the USC financial aid website.
Traineeship scholarship funds available (not guaranteed)
Financial aid office—(213) 740-1111

Tuition cost increases annually; the unit cost for 2019 to 2020 is ~$1928.00/unit



 Examination Fees (NBCRNA)

SEE-$500 (2 exams)

APEX and Prodigy Board Review


Medatrax Evaluation and Case Report System


University Fees

  • Student health center fee
  • Disability insurance fee
  • Topping fee

*Students will have individual student loan fees and health insurance fees

  •  $350
  • $41
  • $8