Pain Science Undergraduate Minor

The Pain Science minor offers students an opportunity to explore the rich interactions of mind, body, and society within the context of a prominent healthcare issue.

The minor requires a minimum of six courses (16 units).

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PAIN 401: Where is the Pain: Mind-Body Interface & Pain Physiology | 4 units
An introduction to the physiological and psychological components of pain, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological management strategies. Cultural and social aspects of chronic pain are covered.

Pain 402: History of Pain Science and Treatment | 2 units
Explores how the understanding of the pain experience has evolved, impacting patient care.

PAIN 403: Pain and Society: Cross Cultural Issues | 2 units
Considers the cultural issues related to the pain experience across history.

Pain 404: Psychology of Pain | 4 units
Explores how the pain experience impacts people in a different way, considering psychological and mental issues.

Pain 405: Equity and Prejudice in Pain Medicine | 2 units
Considers the challenges that pain medicine practitioners, and their patients experience because of inequity and prejudice within the healthcare system.

Pain 406: Opioids: from miracle drug to healthcare crisis | 2 units
Explores the physiologic, pharmacologic, and legal roles of opioids in the pain-sensing system.