About Our Research Programs

The spectrum of research interests of our faculty includes basic molecular mechanisms of cell function and vertebrate development, as well as translational studies on disease mechanism, diagnosis and treatment. This theme gives the research within the Department of Pathology a unique dual role within the Keck School of Medicine and the university. First, many of our faculty members are recognized as international research leaders in their respective fields. Second, all studies which involve analysis of disease status in humans or animals require clinical sample procurement and evaluation by a pathologist. Thus, our practicing clinical and surgical pathologists contribute key expertise to support basic and translational studies for the entire school of medicine and university. One vision of the Department of Pathology is to contribute to the development of new molecular diagnostic and prognostic parameters, supported by classical pathology, but greatly surpassing it in power of sensitivity and objectivity.

The majority of pathology research space is located in the Hoffman Medical Research Center and the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Research laboratories are also located in McKibben Hall, Edmondson Research Building and the Clinical Sciences Center.