The program is ideal for those who are passionate about biomedical sciences and would like a career in biotechnology beyond laboratory research

  • Students with a moderate biology background have the opportunity to extend their course work in biotechnology and biological sciences and continue in these fields.
  • Professionals in management, investment, regulatory affairs or law in the biotechnology industry are able to extend their knowledge of the science behind this industry, enabling them to make better decisions regarding this rapidly developing technology.
  • Students interested in doctoral programs or professional degree programs, such as medical school and law school, will build a strong foundation in biotechnology prior to applying to their top programs of study.

Translational Biotechnology is also available as a Progressive Degree Program. It is designed to enable USC students to begin taking master’s level courses while completing bachelor’s degree requirements.

A minimum of 28 units of graduate level course and field work is required for graduation. The program can be completed by full-time students in 1 year including the summer semester or at a reduced pace by part-time students.

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