Research and Specialization

  • Studies to investigate quality of life of cancer survivors, how they feel about care received, barriers to care, social support, and financial burden.
  • Understanding patient’s screening behaviors and preventive measures taken to reduce long term effects of cancer and treatment, and physician’s knowledge and attitudes toward treatment and barriers to providing quality care.
  • Research focusing on cancer care quality, delivery and organization, multilevel factors influencing care, and outcomes of care.
  • We use a combination of cancer epidemiology and health services research approaches to understand and address individual, interpersonal, and system level factors that contribute to racial/ethnic and other inequities in cancer care and outcomes.
  • We utilize large population-level data, including the cancer registries, healthcare claims/insurance data, medical records, and publicly available administrative databases to understand provider and system level factors that impact cancer patient access to care, quality of care, and cancer outcomes.
  • An increasing research focus is on addressing disparities in cancer outcomes and advancing equitable cancer care delivery through integration of social care and clinical care across the cancer care continuum.