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Soma Sahai-Srivastava, MD
Soma Sahai-Srivastava, MD
Clinical Professor of Neurology (Clinician Educator);Division Chief, Headache Center;Director, LAC+USC Medical Center Ambulatory Care;Director, Keck Medical Center Ambulatory Care
HCC 3000 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
After completing her residency at USC, she joined as faculty in the department of neurology in 2001. Dr Sahai is a board certified, headache specialist (UCNS) and advocates an integrated approach to management of headache disorders. Dr Sahai has established a multidisciplinary headache and atypical facial pain program at USC that specializes in dealing with complicated and challenging cases. She has a UCNS certified fellowship program in Headache medicine. Her clinical research focuses on migraine, headache disorders and neuromuscular disorders. Dr Sahai has participated in many clinical trials as principal or co-investigator relating to her areas of specialization. She has published numerous articles in scientific journals on topics relating to Headache, Neuropathic pain and neuromuscular diseases and is a regular contributor to the web-based peer-reviewed portal

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