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Regarding clinical activities, the Division is responsible for multiple clinical services at Los Angeles General Medical Center, USC Norris Cancer Hospital (Norris) and Keck Hospital of USC (KH). At Norris, the Division is responsible for a busy inpatient service and the Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation (BMT) service, which successfully performs transplantation on patients with acute leukemia and other hematologic malignancies. The BMT Program, run by the Division, successfully received full certification by the Federation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapies (FACT). The Division is experiencing increases in new outpatient visits, admissions and clinical efficiency (reduced length of stay) at Norris and Los Angeles General Medical Center. At the same time, a substantial number of cases are placed into peer-reviewed clinical trials with accompanying translational research protocols, thus bringing innovative treatment strategies and therapeutic reagents to patients.

Regarding teaching activities, the Division continues to refine and implement a new curriculum in Hematology and Clinical Immunology for Year I–II medical students. The eight-week course emphasizes case-based learning and received outstanding evaluations from students.


The Division is actively involved in basic, translational and clinical research in benign and malignant blood disorders. Active areas of basic and translational research in the Division include molecular pathogenesis and animal models of AIDS-associated malignancies, multiple myeloma and lymphoma, development of targeted therapies for hematologic malignancies, cancer drug resistance, and clotting and bleeding disorders. In the area of clinical research, the Division is conducting clinical trials involving conventional agents, novel drugs and immunotherapy for the treatment of benign and malignant blood disorders.

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Training & Education

Three years of training in internal medicine (including internship) are required before a fellow is accepted in the program. We have a total of four two-year Fellowships in Hematology. In addition, a combined three-year program in Hematology/Oncology is available, as well as NIH-sponsored research training grants. In the three-year combined program, the fellow spends one year in clinical hematology, one year in clinical oncology and one year in research. In the Hematology Fellowship Program, the first year emphasizes clinical work, while the second year is spent primarily in research.

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Patient Care

Clinical functions of the Division of Hematology within the Department of Medicine include:

  • To provide hematologic consultation on inpatients and outpatients of all departments of the three USC hospitals serving adult patients.
  • To provide continuing care for all adult outpatients with serious hematologic problems through the operation of the adult Hematology Clinics at Los Angeles General Medical Center.
  • To operate an in-patient hematology ward and a day hospital for patients with hematologic disorders at the Los Angeles General Medical Center.

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