STAR Award Recognition Program

The STAR Award recognition program is designed to recognize Keck School of Medicine of USC staff for their efforts in creating and providing an outstanding customer experience for either internal (in-house) or external clients. This program is a way to recognize and reward individuals, who go above and beyond.


Service that is consistently exceptional

Thoughtful, considerate treatment of others

Actions that demonstrate extraordinary dedication

Role model of excellence

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Exhibits Keck School Core Values:
    • Respect – Consideration for self and others
    • Excellence – Performing job responsibilities extremely well
    • Integrity – Acting with honesty and honor, without compromising the truth
    • Collaboration – Working with others toward achieving a common goal by sharing ideas and skills
    • Innovation – Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world
  • Exceptional Performance: Demonstrated and sustained one-time exceptional performance/achievement tied to a discrete action (e.g., exceeding goals and work expectations in quantity and/or quality) rather than awarded for a situation of consistently exceptional performance
  • Creativity: One-time innovation or creation that results in time/dollar savings, revenue enhancement or productivity improvement and/or ongoing innovative/creative activities that benefit organizational systems, protocols and/or procedures
  • Organizational Abilities: Exhibiting extraordinary skills in leadership, resulting in the accomplishment of significant departmental or Keck School Human Resources/university goals and objectives; effective project management, which could include developing a short- or long-term project and/or implementing a short- or long-term project with substantial success; and/or demonstrating organizational capability, leading to a greater level of effectiveness
  • Work Success: Significantly exceeding productivity, customer service, quality of care or similar goals, including demonstrating superior interactions with managers, peers, supervisors, subordinates, the university community, the public and/or clients and customers
  • Teamwork: Acting as an exceptionally effective and cooperative team member or team leader for a team that has significantly exceeded the goals/objectives of the department

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Maximum of 25 Awards per month.
  2. No more than 10 awards within same department per month.
  3. Maximum of one (1) individual and one (1) team award per fiscal year.

Nomination Process:

  1. Complete and submit the online nomination form.
  2. The deadline to submit the online nomination form is the 20th of each month.
  3. The STAR Award committee will review and determine nominee eligibility and final selection(s).
  4. The awardee’s supervisor and department administrator will be notified of an employee’s STAR Award recognition. The awardee will receive a $100 Mastercard gift card which will be issued by the Keck School’s Human Resources Department to the awardee’s department administrator.