Patient Care

The Division of Infectious Diseases provides care and consultation in all the clinical venues served by the Department of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

LAC+USC Medical Center/Outpatient Clinics

The Division provides a very active consultation service (approximately 3,000 new infectious diseases consultations each year) at LAC+USC. The Division also operates a weekly general ID outpatient clinic (~1,000 visits annually), staffed by ID faculty (Drs. Dube, Sattah, Jones and Wong), fellows, residents and students who provide outpatient consultation and continuity care for patients with and without HIV who have complicated infections or those needing outpatient IV antimicrobial therapy.

Rand Schrader Health and Research Clinic

The ID Division maintains overall responsibility for the medical operations of the Rand Schrader Clinic. Dr. Cadden serves as Medical Director and Dr. Dubé as Associate Medical Director. This modern facility is fully dedicated to the comprehensive care of persons infected with HIV. Faculty from the Division and all other major specialties provide primary and specialty care and serve as attending physicians for house officers and students. Patients receive primary care at the Clinic mornings and afternoons Monday through Friday and Tuesday evenings.

Hospital Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship

Dr. Paul Holtom serves as the Hospital Epidemiologist, Infection Control Officer and Heads Infection Prevention at LAC+USC. He also oversees the Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP), as well as chairing the Infection Control Committee, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Antibiotic Subcommittee at LAC+USC Medical Center. Drs. Sattler and Dubé also serve on the Antibiotic Subcommittee. Drs. Wong and Dubé are members of the ASP and make daily teaching and stewardship rounds with pharmacists at LAC+USC, with special focus on critical care and hematology units and services.

Keck Medical Center of USC

Drs. Geiseler, Cadden, Blodget, Wong and Sattler provide consultative inpatient services (both teaching and private) and outpatient services at Keck Hospital and HC2, respectively there are more than 2,000 new patient consultations annually at this facility. Dr. Blodget also serves as the Interim Hospital Epidemiologist. Dr. Sattler oversees the Antibiotic Stewardship Program at this facility and makes daily antimicrobial stewardship rounds with a hospital pharmacist and Drs. Blodget, Cadden and Geiseler to evaluate patients receiving restricted antibiotics and to help the primary care teams in the management of their patients. Dr. Dubé serves as compliance officer for the USC Clinical Trials Unit at Norris Hospital.

USC Healthcare Centers

Drs. Cadden, Geiseler, Blodget and Wong have regularly scheduled weekly outpatient clinic sessions for ID patients at these facilities. The clinics generate approximately 1000 outpatient visits annually. These faculty also provide consultations for outgoing international travelers needing prophylaxis and immunizations and for returning travelers with new signs and symptoms of infections acquired overseas. They also oversee outpatient IV antimicrobial therapy for patients recently discharged for Keck and Norris hospitals.