About Our Research Programs

More than 111 Department of Medicine faculty are currently engaged in basic and/or clinical (translational) research activities, 90 of them as principal investigators (PI). These medical research programs are supported by expenditures now exceeding $50 million annually, of which 53 percent are federally sponsored (primarily by the National Institutes of Health). Among the department faculty who have received new NIH grants are Zea Borok, Beiyan Zhou, Ulf Flodby and Amy Firth (co-PIs, R35, NHLBI); Kenneth Hallows and Nuria Pastor-Soler (co-PIs, R13, NIH); Chaim Jacob and William Stohl (co-PIs, R01, NIAMS); Cheng Ji (R01, NIH); Brad Spellberg (two R01s and R21, NIH); Hussein Yassine (two R01s, NIH); and Shuping Zhong (R01, NIAAA). In addition, seven department faculty members hold active K awards: Hossein Bahrami, Lily Dara, Akil Merchant, Sonali Saluja, Anisa Shaker, Ling Shao and Hussein Yassine. These faculty members represent nearly all divisions of the department and serve to underscore the quality of medical research currently being conducted by our faculty. It also indicates the ability of our faculty to compete for the very limited amount of NIH grant resources at a time of intense competition for extramural funding.

Prominent examples of such programmatic efforts include:

Basic/Translational Science

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Large-Scale Clinical Trials

  • Atherosclerosis Research Unit (Hodis)
  • AIDS Clinical Trials Group and Women’s Interagency HIV Study (Sattler)
  • Keck Diabetes Prevention Initiative and NIH LookAHEAD Study (Peters)
  • SC CTSI and Clinical Trials Unit (Buchanan)
  • USC Gestational Diabetes Study Group (Buchanan)

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