Our Divisions

Our renowned heart and vascular care spans early diagnosis and intervention to lifesaving therapy. Heart transplantation is an area of excellence in a specialty ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

Our experts manage even the most complex disorders of the endocrine system, with comprehensive diabetes care. Research and care are enhanced by the internationally renowned USC Endocrine Laboratory.

In a top-three program in Southern California, we complement care including trailblazing live-donor liver transplantation with two federally funded liver and pancreatic disease research centers.

With about 150 outpatient visits every day, we deliver on our division’s fundamental commitment to serving patients. Our expanding clinical enterprise protects both health and quality of life.

Our fight against blood diseases includes one of the nation’s most successful programs for blood stem cell transplants. Groundbreaking research pushes forward drug discovery and CAR-T cell therapy.

We deploy the latest biomedical knowledge in our patient care by connecting the dots between science, policy and clinical care. Our faculty expertise includes transplant infectious disease, healthcare epidemiology, TB diagnostics, COVID-19 and more

One of the nation’s top kidney transplant programs is housed in our division, with over 200 transplants performed each year. Home dialysis service is another highlight of our outstanding patient care.

The strength of our cancer care is reflected by a No. 15 rank among U.S. News’ Best Hospitals for Cancer. In labs and clinics, we are accelerating innovations in precision oncology and immunotherapy.

Our highly-rated care includes several programs of excellence in a number . To improve treatment, we delve into the biology of lung disease and propel clinical trials for COVID-19, interstitial lung disease, cystic fibrosis and more.

We conduct 15,000 outpatient visits annually, treating over 100 arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Our research into lupus and other inflammatory disorders creates new knowledge and improves care.