Health Services and Policy focuses on health care systems, governmental and organizational decisions plans, and actions that affect the health of populations. Health services concentrate on social, economic and behavioral factors affecting the use of health care services, whereas health policies focus on actions to improve health through legislation, research, direct care, community empowerment and regulations. Leading practitioners in the advancement of health services and policy lead students in examining and understanding the organization, financing and delivery of health services, offering a comprehensive and practice-based foundation for students who wish to pursue careers in management, policy and research.


  • MPH students in this concentration will take the public health core courses plus 24 units of concentration-specific coursework (16 units of concentration core courses + 8 units of elective courses) ranging in topics that include policy analysis, health services research methods, quality in health care, and policy and politics.

  • PM 508 Health Service Delivery in the U.S. (4 units)

    Historical development of the American health care system; determinants of health care utilization; role of health care providers; health policy; public health services; and health care finance.

    Prerequisite: PM 502

    PPD 503 Economics for Public Policy (4 units)

    Economic theory as applied to public policy. Concepts of efficiency and equity, analysis of market failure and policy interventions.


    In addition, students will choose two of the following to complete their core coursework:

    PM 504 Quality in Health Care (4 units)

    Examines quality assessment at different levels of the health care system including health plans, physicians, hospital and integrated system performance.

    Prerequisite: PM 502

    PM 507 Public Health Services Research Methods (4 units)

    ​A practical examination of methods and data sources used to evaluate public health services and conduct policy research and evaluation within health care delivery systems.

    Prerequisite: PM 502 and PM 510L and PM 512

    PM 547 Public Health Policy and Politics (4 units)

    Examination of major policy issues in the U.S. health care delivery system to understand policy options in reforming health care and reducing health care disparities.

    Prerequisite: PM 502a

  • Elective options can be found on the concentration Course Plan.



Careers in the Field

    What are some job titles that graduates can seek in this field?

    • Government affairs specialist
    • Public health policy analyst
    • Community advocate

    What are some agencies students could work for?

    • A state or local public health department
    • A county or a city governing body
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Hospital or physician groups
    • Advocacy organizations (i.e. American Cancer Society)
    • Governing bodies (i.e. State Legislature, congress, city council)
    • Government agencies (i.e. CDC)

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