How to find a practicum site

It is recommended to meet with the Practicum Director and/or Practicum Coordinator at least six months before the desired practicum start date. This will allow ample time for the student to identify and complete setup with a practicum site. The Practicum Coordinator is available to guide students through the process of finding a practicum site, however it is each student’s responsiblity to secure their own placement.

The practicum placement must be related to and serve to demonstrate the competencies indicated in the students’ MPH concentration.

Once a placement has been secured, students should complete the MPH Practicum Approval Form on the MPH Practicum Portal and send it to the Practicum Coordinator for approval.


Strategies for finding a practicum site:

It is recommended that students utilize the following strategies when searching for a site.


  • Networking, including with faculty members, guest speakers from class, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Responding to practicum opportunities sent out by the MPH Program.

Prior Practicum Sites

(contact for current practicum availability)