New exhibit in Hoyt Gallery focuses on neurosciences

New exhibit in Hoyt Gallery

Students examine art on display in the Hoyt Gallery. The new exhibit features artwork inspired by the neurosciences system. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

Visual and performance artist Siobhan Hebron has drawn on her battle with brain cancer as the focus of her work for the past several years. Hebron’s work now is on display in the Hoyt Gallery, located on the basement level of the Keith Administration Building.

Hebron, 27, says her illness inspired her to approach her art in a new way.

“I make work not just because I need to for myself, but also for those that are blind to illness and disability,” she wrote on her website. “I want to contribute to a shift in the dialogue, and to encourage patients to be a part of integrative treatment for themselves and others.”

The exhibit is part of a series intended to correspond to the main organ systems studied by first- and second-year medical students and will run through April 12.

— Leigh Bailey

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